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My Goal and Vision

Quite frankly, to expose the hypocrisy that has infiltrated every crevice of our lives. My goal is to ignite the passion within every listener that authenticity is the fuel for passion and passion enables us to fulfill our purpose. There are forces that work against this God given liberty and it mustn’t nor is it to exist without being confronted with truth, power and love! 

Who is William

He’s written 16 books on Christian maturity of which two are books of poetry. Inscribed over 1,500 poems, a percussionist, playwright, dancer, lover of God (deeply) and still discovering all of who God made me to be. I travel full time in my motorhome throughout America taking this message where God leads me. 

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Soon, I’ll be interviewing guests to discuss the issues from the perspective of them being “NAKED!”

Meet The Host

William Owens

William Owens


Above all, William Owens is a follower of Jesus Christ. A disciple, a servant, and one who obeys His Fathers’ will. Because of his identity being discovered through the Creator, William has been enabled to walk out his purpose without fear. He is a prolific author of over 1,500 poems and 16 books, of which two are books of poetry. He has traveled extensively over the last 6 years throughout America, sharing the gospel on his bike for over 1,000 miles from Las Vegas to Texas. Today he travels in his motorhome for the previous three years engaging people on the streets, at events, and on stages sharing insights and poetry. In addition, he is an accomplished percussionist on congas and the djembe.

He has been in the publishing industry for over 25 years and writes books, poems, and as a playwright. His poetry concert – Poetic Expressions of Hope, Love, and Forgiveness, is a two-hour production of 15 poems interlaced with messages that reflect God’s grace in the battles of life. Produced for on-demand viewing.

His latest project is The Naked Poetry CD presenting 13 poems that lay bare the listener’s heart with vivid words that speak the truth. Presented with pleasant soundtracks that refresh the soul, spirit, and mind.

You will be engaged in The Naked Poet Podcast because William lives everything he talks about and he holds nothing back.

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